by Knutte Wester

The sound of the streets of Teheran are transformed in to forbidden beats, people sing and young women and men rhyme their inner feelings. They tell us about a society that rejects them, streets belonging to the government and about a vision of a utopia within creativity. Street salesmen and pedestrians form an imaginary choir of the streets, backing up the youth, suggesting the public space should belong to the public.


Director & DoP: Knutte Wester
Producers: Andreas Emanuelsson, Tony Österholm & Felicia Bärgh
Editor: Jesper Osmund
Sound design: Mikael Brodin
Original music: A few artists who need to be anonymous


A few artists who need to be anonymous

Produced by

Iris Film AB in co-production with Filmpool Nord AB in collaboration with SVT and with support from Film i Västerbotten and The Swedish Film Institute.

Production note

Original title: You can't show my face
English title: You can't show my face
Festival release: Doclisboa, October 21st 2021
National release: Nordisk Panorama, September 19th 2021

Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 24 min
Language: Persian

Nominations and awards

Prix SAUVAGE CORTO, L'Europe autour de l'Europe

Jury Award and Audience Award, Filmzeit festival

Stone City Award, Filmfest Sundsvall