by Martin Åhlin & Mattias Alkberg

A fusion documentary with and about Mattias Alkberg.

"Jag speglar mig" is the story about Mattias Alkberg, but it's equally not the story about Mattias Alkberg. It is equally something that just exists and raises thoughts and philosophies and it might leave you with as many questions as you had before.
A film about wanting to be someone else then what you truly are, but at the same time being forced to adapt and doing the best of what you are and what you got.


Director: Mattias Alkberg & Martin Åhlin
DoP/editor: Martin Åhlin
Producers: Andreas Emanuelsson & Tony Österholm


Mattias Alkberg
Kristine Gulbrandsen
Linda Wicent
Jonatan Lundberg
Annika Norlin
Henrik Palm
Mats Wikström
Pontus Sillrén
Jakob Hellman
Ellen Alkberg

Produced by

Iris Film AB in co-production with Filmpool Nord AB in collaboration with Åhlin Produktion AB & Mattias Alkberg with support from Sparbanken Nord.

Production note

Original title: Jag Speglar Mig
National release: September 23 sept 2022

Genre: Documentary/Fusion
Runtime: 62 min
Language: Swedish