by Jonah Senften & Jimmy Sundin

A poetic tribute to 'the High Country' of the Samis. Through a young woman's voice-over, written by poet Juuva Pittja, we get a very special perspective on nature and its relation to the Sami.


Director/DoP/editor: Jonah Senften & Jimmy Sundin
Based on a poem by: Juvva Pittja
Producers: Andreas Emanuelsson & Tony Österholm
Sound design: Robin Svensk


Jannie Staffansson
Poem read by: Miliana Baer

Produced by

Iris Film AB in co-production with Filmpool Nord AB in collaboration with UR and Folkets Bio and with support from The Swedish Film Institute. The film is produced within the support scheme GLÖD.

Production note

Original title: Badjelánnda
English title: Badjelánnda
National release: December 21st 2020

Genre: Documentary
Runtime: 4 min
Language: Sami